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“I was referred to Ambrosio when I was in a car accident that left me with a totaled car. Ambrosio took his time to explain the ins and outs to me, what the process would be, and was always available when I had questions or concerns. He’s very knowledgeable and helpful and he was able to get me a large settlement that I could have never gotten on my own. I’m so grateful for the help I received and will definitely recommend Ambrosio to anyone who needs and injury lawyer.”


“Mercado & Sacramento helped me when I got into a car accident. Michael was knowledgeable and responsive. He guided me through the process and kept me up to date and informed of the status of my claim. At the end, I received much more money than I was expecting. I highly recommend Mercado & Sacramento”


“I am so thankful for having the opportunity to work with Ambrosio on my case. He was incredibly helpful in walking me through the process. He went above and beyond to fight for me and ensure that I received what I deserved. He was very proactive and made sure I was always well-informed about my situation. It was a great experience from the consultation call to the day we settled. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to represent me.”


“I was in an accident where my car was totaled. Initially, I thought my only option was to work with the insurance company. Luckily, I had the opportunity to work with Ambrosio. I sent him a message, and he called me right away. He guided me through all the steps and informed me about what to expect. He ensured that I received the necessary care and checked on me regularly. Moreover, he kept me consistently updated on my case. I have never encountered someone in the field of law who is as kind, genuine, and professional as him. I highly recommend him if you ever find yourself in need of a lawyer.”


“I needed help with my motorcycle accident, and Ambrosio supported me throughout the entire process. One thing that stood out to me was that Ambrosio handled my case personally, unlike many major accident firms that involve multiple individuals. He is based in Oakland, CA and serves the Bay Area and surrounding cities. The entire case took about 8 months, during which Ambrosio worked efficiently with the insurance companies and successfully completed the job. Although there was a lengthy wait, it was worth it. Ambrosio ensured that I received the necessary support for my recovery. Thank you, Ambrosio.”


“This was my first motor vehicle accident (MVA), and I am grateful that I had an attorney. Michael truly assisted us and guided us throughout the entire process. Thanks to Michael’s expertise, my complicated case became less complicated. Furthermore, we received a settlement that exceeded my expectations for an MVA case. I strongly recommend this law firm without any hesitation for any motor vehicle accident.”


“My case involved the other party not having insurance and an insurance company that was difficult to reach. Ambrosio expedited our case and secured a settlement that exceeded fairness. Entrusting our case to him was the best decision we made for our situation. He is trustworthy and dependable. Without a doubt, you will not be disappointed.”


“My Best Atty. in the US,

Kind person and trustworthy

Thanks a lot for you help.👍”


“Easy to talk to and work with. Highly recommended for anyone who gets in a car accident!”


“I felt very safe working with Ambrosio. Great communication.”


“I am so thankful for having the opportunity to work with Ambrosio on my case. He was so incredibly helpful in walking me through the process. He went above and beyond to fight for me to get me what I deserved. He was very proactive and made sure I was always well informed about my situation. A great experience from the consultation call to the day we settled. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to represent me.”


“Attorney Ambrosio really helped me a lot when I got into a fender bender last year. It was very easy to work with him, and he was always available to answer my questions. Everything went well and very smoothly, and I thank him for that!

If you all want a smooth and hassle-free service, this is the best place for you!”


“Ambrosio was incredibly helpful in guiding me through the entire process of my personal injury case. As a first-time experience with hiring an attorney for such a case, Ambrosio made it extremely easy for me. He kept me consistently updated on any progress in the case and was highly responsive whenever I had questions or needed to contact him. I highly recommend anyone seeking assistance with their case to choose Ambrosio. Needless to say, we won our case without any complications.”


“My wife and I were involved in an accident that resulted in our car being totaled and significant injuries for both of us. As I write this, I am still in the process of recovering. However, I felt compelled to express my utmost admiration for Attorney Sacramento and Attorney Mercado and what they have done for my wife and me. This accident drained a great deal of our energy and, to be honest, it temporarily altered the course of our lives. I cannot imagine having to focus on rehabilitation, worry about work, and navigate the legal aspects of seeking compensation without their assistance. This is where they truly proved their worth. They provided us with transparent guidance, represented our interests with utmost professionalism, and successfully settled our case for an amount initially rejected by the insurance company but eventually paid out. They are truly the best at what they do. Yeeeee!!!”


“I am incredibly grateful for the services provided by this law firm. Following my car accident during a road rage incident, I found myself without transportation to work and unable to take my kids to school. The insurance company’s initial payment was insufficient to cover the losses I had incurred. I was unable to work, dealing with injuries, and struggling to manage my household. My lawyer showed great sensitivity to my hardships and diligently worked to secure a settlement that allowed me to purchase a reliable vehicle. I highly recommend their services.”


“I highly recommend this law firm. I was extremely shaken and overwhelmed by my accident, and I discovered this firm through a Yelp search. Ambrosio Sacramento was incredibly proactive and responsive in his communication. From our initial conversation over the phone, I sensed his professionalism and down-to-earth nature. Being my first accident, I had numerous questions and uncertainties. Ambrosio demonstrated great patience, attentiveness, and provided me with informative answers, assuring me that everything would be okay. Although I didn’t immediately sign with his firm, he never pressured me and made me feel at ease during this challenging time. When I was ready to make my decision, I was pleased and grateful that Ambrosio was there to assist me.”


“I knew Mercado & Sacramento was the firm for me from day one. I truly believe this firm is the best in business. There’s no substitute for what this firm does. I was treated with the utmost respect, settled for way more than I expected, and walked away from this feeling surprisingly satisfied concerning the accident I was in.”


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