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TOP 10 Most Dangerous Holidays for Drivers (2024)

July 3, 2024

Holidays are a time for celebration, travel, and family gatherings, but they also bring increased risks on the road. High traffic volumes, impaired drivers, and inclement weather can turn festive occasions into dangerous ones for motorists. In this blog, we’ll explore the top 10 most dangerous holidays for drivers in 2024 and offer essential tips to stay safe.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Holidays for Drivers

#10. EASTER (First Sunday after the first full moon of spring)

  • Average Fatal Crashes: 382
  • Why It’s Dangerous: Easter, a significant Christian holiday, is celebrated by many Americans with family gatherings and festivities. The increased travel and celebrations often lead to a higher incidence of impaired driving and road congestion.
  • Safety Tip: Avoid driving if you’ve been drinking and plan your route in advance to avoid heavy traffic.

#9. VETERANS DAY (November 11)

  • Average Fatal Crashes: 390
  • Why It’s Dangerous: Veterans Day, honoring retired military personnel, often includes parades and family gatherings. The holiday’s close proximity to the festive season results in heavier traffic and an increase in DUIs.
  • Safety Tip: If attending celebrations, plan for a safe ride home if you consume alcohol.

#8. THANKSGIVING (Fourth Thursday of November)

  • Average Fatal Crashes: 391
  • Why It’s Dangerous: Thanksgiving is one of the busiest travel holidays of the year. The combination of long-distance travel, heavy traffic, and post-dinner celebrations with alcohol contribute to a spike in traffic accidents.
  • Safety Tip: Travel during off-peak hours and ensure your vehicle is in good condition before embarking on a trip.

#7. HALLOWEEN (October 31)

  • Average Fatal Crashes: 396
  • Why It’s Dangerous: Halloween’s combination of trick-or-treating and parties results in an increased number of pedestrians and impaired drivers on the roads. Children in dark costumes and low visibility at night add to the risk.
  • Safety Tip: Drive slowly in residential areas and be extra cautious of pedestrians.

#6. MOTHER’S DAY (Second Sunday in May)

  • Average Fatal Crashes: 402
  • Why It’s Dangerous: Celebrating Mother’s Day often involves family gatherings and outings. The post-winter road conditions and increased traffic can lead to a higher number of accidents.
  • Safety Tip: Check road conditions and drive carefully, especially if traveling long distances.


  • Average Fatal Crashes: 419
  • Why It’s Dangerous: Cinco de Mayo, celebrated with parties and festivities, often results in higher rates of impaired driving. Despite being a minor holiday in Mexico, it has become a significant celebration in the U.S. with associated risks.
  • Safety Tip: Use a designated driver or rideshare service if you plan to drink.

#4. FATHER’S DAY (Third Sunday in June)

  • Average Fatal Crashes: 431
  • Why It’s Dangerous: Similar to Mother’s Day, Father’s Day celebrations involve family gatherings and outings. Summer travel and increased traffic contribute to higher accident rates.
  • Safety Tip: Plan your travel to avoid peak traffic times and always wear your seatbelt.


  • Average Fatal Crashes: 440
  • Why It’s Dangerous: Independence Day is notorious for fireworks, parties, and heavy drinking. It has one of the highest incidences of traffic fatalities, with a significant number involving alcohol and fatigue from long drives.
  • Safety Tip: Avoid driving if you’ve been drinking and take breaks if you’re traveling long distances.

#2. LABOR DAY (First Monday in September)

  • Average Fatal Crashes: 445
  • Why It’s Dangerous: Labor Day marks the end of summer and is a popular time for last-minute vacations. Increased traffic, drunk driving, and fatigued drivers returning from trips make it one of the deadliest holidays.
  • Safety Tip: Plan your travel to avoid peak times and ensure you’re well-rested before driving.

#1. MEMORIAL DAY (Last Monday in May)

  • Average Fatal Crashes: 448
  • Why It’s Dangerous: Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of summer, leading to increased travel and celebrations. High traffic volumes, impaired driving, and aggressive behaviors such as running red lights contribute to its ranking as the most dangerous holiday.
  • Safety Tip: Be patient, avoid aggressive driving, and never drive under the influence.

Understanding the Risks

Each of these holidays brings unique risks to the roads. Factors such as increased traffic volume, impaired driving, and unpredictable weather conditions contribute to the heightened danger. By understanding these risks, you can take proactive steps to ensure your safety and that of others.


Driving during the holidays can be risky, but with the right precautions, you can stay safe on the roads. Plan your trips carefully, avoid alcohol if you’re driving, and always follow traffic laws. If you or a loved one are involved in a holiday traffic accident, seeking legal advice from an experienced attorney can help protect your rights and secure the compensation you deserve.

How a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Assist

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